HVDIODE manufacturers produce genuine good goods HQLC5 ~ 400KV / 2.0A high voltage half bridge silicon stack power frequency

Item No.: BQ0034
Main features of this series of products:
1. Low backward leakage current, transient 10ms forward surge current protection;
2. Impulse voltage resistance, avalanche voltage breakdown protection;
3. Excellent continuous discharge characteristics;
4. Hi
The series of our products are widely used in:
Medical equipment, electrostatic precipitator,electrostatic powder coating and spray ,High frequency heat sealing, curved wood dryer, oil dehydration and desalination, high-voltage detection, plasma injection, ion accelerator, electron beam welding, electron microscopy, negative ion ozone generator, air purification, vacuum coating, ultrasonic cleaning, high-energy ignition, X-ray machine flaw detection, Dr medical imaging, industrial microwave, radar modulation, radio and wireless emission machine, laser cutting and welding equipment and other DC power, pulse power and other electronic equipments. Our products enjoy a great reputation in domestic and foreign market!






  Item Symbol Unit Test Conditions Rating
Repetitive Peak Backward Voltage Vrrm KV Ta=25℃  Ir=2.0μA 5~400
Peak Working Backward Voltage Vrwm KV Ta=25℃  Ir=2.0μA 5~400
Average Forward Current If(AV) A 50Hz Half-sine Wave , Resistance load @Tbreak=50℃ 2.0
Backward Recovery Time Trr nS   --
Surge Forward Current Ifsm A 0.01S @ Half-Sine wave  50Hz 200
Operating Ambient Temperature Ta   -50~+150
Storage Temperature Tstg   -40~+120




Forward Peak Voltage Vfm V   ≥6~480
Backward Peak  Current Irrm1 μA @ Ta=25℃ VRM=VRRM 5.0
Irrm2 μA @ Ta=100℃ VRM=VRRM 50.0